Early Black Friday Sales

Did some splurging but more to splurge as Black Friday approaches. Let’s hope little blastocyst stays so that this year I’ll be splurging on him/her instead of my little nephews and niece in Singapore (they have been getting their regular supply of Ralph Lauren, Levi, OshKosh, Carters, Old Navy, Lego, American Doll, Barbie Doll, etc).Continue reading “Early Black Friday Sales”

6 Days Post Transfer

3 more days to the blood test. It is a 9 days wait in the United States instead of 14 days (“2 weeks wait”). The nurse said it will already be detectable. Ever since the transfer, I’ve been feeling pretty much normal – sensitive nipples, bloated here and there. I did feel some twinges leftContinue reading “6 Days Post Transfer”

Blastocyst ICM Splitted into 2

Right from the start, we never entertained the thought of transferring 2 embryos because multiples are risky; all that disappearing twin, premature birth, takes a toll on mom, toll on the twins, etc etc So… Fraternal twins ain’t happening for sure unless we change our mind in the near future. What are the chances ofContinue reading “Blastocyst ICM Splitted into 2”


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About Me

I hear the refrain of my own tagline resonating in my own heart . . . “one woman’s journey through the deluge of infertility” . . . and know that there are not enough words to capture the emotions of my own soul, emotions that many of you are also familiar with – pain, disappointment, emptiness, anger, waning hope and dwindling peace. However, I desire to share my story – the raw truth of a woman’s fight with infertility.

You are not alone. You were never alone.

For close to 3 years, I yearned for a baby, dreamed of being a big sister to my child, thought about names and how my baby’s nursery and future would look like. I obsessed, longed for answers, screamed at injustice, and tried remedy after remedy to help me concieve naturally. In late 2018, I decided to seek medical intervention.

The journey is documented here. Stay strong ladies.

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” —Margaret Thatcher

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